24 October 2007


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Christopher S.(60), Amy T.(21), Brittany W.(31),Maggie F.(35), Chase R.(30), Jennifer S.(35), Heather V.(35), Kayla T.(21), Brock B.(33), Kevin S.(60)

David R.(60), Elizabeth H.(69), Tucker S.(21), Mike S.(33), Katelyn L.(31), Natalia M.(31), Karen H.(35), Joseph M.(35), Sarah S.(60), Cassandra T(35)

Rachel R.(60), Nicholas G.(69), Nicole S.(21), Ryan N.(33), Shanaria J.(30), Tom K.(30), Daniel B.(35), Leslee C.(35), Melissa F.(35), Nicholas S.(31)

Megan M.(60), Adam G.(69), Jake M.(21), Michael J.(33), Clint W.(30), BJ W. (30), Randy H.(31), Brittany H.(31), Matthew C.(35), Ashley D.(35)

Evan L.(60), Thomas G.(69), Andrew W.(21), Amanda M.(21), Joe H.(33), Ravi V.(33), Mai-ly T.(30), Kristen H.(31), Katelyn S.(31), Marquia J.(35)

Lauren J.(60), Wade M.(60), Jackie H.(21), Scott H.(33), Joel V.(33), Dervin M.(30), Brittany S.(30), Adriana H.(31), Lacey B.(35), Amanda L.(35)

Michael I.(60),Laura G.(69),Christopher J.(69),Taylor W.(21),Raphael G.(21),Martise G.(33),Laura W.(33),Kyle W.(30),Shanaria J.(31),Christen E.(35)

James H.(60), Soleighta F.(69), Chris G.(21), Tyler W.(21), McKenzie G.(33), Daniel E.(30), Nicole Y.(30), Bradley G.(31), Elena P.(31),Joshua G.(35)

Audrey G.(60), Joshua T.(60), Woody N.(69), Chrissy D.(21), Nathan C.(33), Luke W.(33), Justin B.(30), Timothy C.(30), Anna R.(31), Kymberly B.(35)

Tyler G.(60), Stephanie C.(69), Daniel P.(69), Chad C.(21), Austin F.(21), Michael C.(33), Reed B.(30), Chris D.(30), Gabrielle T.(31), Tara H.(35)

Joshua C.(60), Brittany E.(60), Gregory S.(69), Jessie B.(21), Scott W.(21), Aaron B.(33), Denita B.(30), Kayla B.(30), Jasmine H.(31), Page P.(35)

Elle B. (60), Andrew B. (69), Steven V. (69), Chris A. (21), Clarka W.(33), Kendall A.(31), Kei'rra Y.(31), Shaun A.(30), Melissa J.(30), Moua D.(35)

Rafael A. (60), Matthew W. (60), Kevin C. (69), Jesse A. (21), Will B. (33), Jared A. (30), Kyia C. (31), Nikita G. (31), Anna B. (35), Alyssa M. (33)